I've put together a playlist called: "Jill Tracy sings 'The Ballrooms of Mars' and other Glam Ballads." Imagining you doing: "2HB," "Lady Stardust," "Satellite of Love." What's your essential glam?

JILL TRACY responded on 05/21/2012

Ha! You're totally vibing my landscape here. I'm guessing you're not from San Francisco. I actually do a hush-hush side project under the name "Lady Stardust", usually unannounced, and I sing all of these glam and 70s rock classics! I do T. Rex, Bowie, Roxy Music, old Stones, etc.
Everyone keeps begging me to do a covers album of this material which was one of my biggest inspirations. Now, with your message, it makes it all the more apparent that the Universe is planting a seed. Thanks for the incentive! xox

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