How did you develop your unique voice? Do you have formal training, or does it just come naturally?

And (if I may ask a somewhat shallow question) how do you care for that gorgeous face of yours?

JILL TRACY responded on 04/19/2012

I've only had a few voice lessons here and there, no formal training. So perhaps that's why my style is unique! I just know the mood I strive to capture.
But I am rather meticulous when working with vocal melody and phrasing. Every little crack and oddity in my voice is purposely crafted and calculated. I figure out exactly what I want within the crevices of each song.

And, I am a bit obsessed about skincare! I stay out of the sun, and have a few amazing products in my arsenal. Pure jojoba butter, for one, is the most amazing thing on earth.
My quick tips: stay out of the sun, remain hydrated, exfoliate, avoid white sugar and dairy, and never go to sleep without removing your make-up and moisturizing!! Good luck! xox

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