I know much you like to create a visual image with your music, but what form of media, CD's, MP3 ect do you think best captures your music?

JILL TRACY responded on 01/31/2012

Truthfully, nothing beats a live performance (in a proper venue with great sound. Of course, the opposite is true in a terrible venue with crappy sound!). There is an intimacy and magic that gets lost, takes us one step further away when "media" is introduced.

I hate compressed sound files like MP3s and it saddens me to know most people only listen to music in this way now. They really sound inferior. Make sure your listening to AIFF high quality downloads. It's great on my music store because you have a choice: http://jilltracy.bandcamp.com/

I'm still a big fan of the warmth of analog gear, and try to incorporate that into my work by whatever means necessary.
And I'm a headphone junkie. Really GOOD headphones...listening in the dark...nothing beats that! ;-)

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