Hello Jill, I am Mr Pustra, Vaudeville's Darkest Muse. What is the best advice you would give a performer to grow artisically and keeping yourself motivated, even through the dark times?

JILL TRACY responded on 02/04/2012

It is imperative to listen to your "gut feeling" and honor your own vision above all else. Completely immerse yourself in what you love. The industry will try to water you down and turn you into fluff, the naysayers will tell you it can't be done, lovers will resent you, those too weak to dream will constantly find a way to discourage yours.

It takes bravery and tough conviction to live this life. But never let anybody second guess your vision. Great art is not made by a consensus.

The times will get dark and terribly frustrating. So, I implore you to have passions and escapes that have nothing to do with your art. Be able to clear your head, refocus, sometimes a break is exactly what's needed. When it gets to a point that you just don't enjoy it anymore, you need to step away.
Walk in the woods, go to the zoo, pour a glass of great wine and stare at the moon.
Rediscover the beauty and inspiration that brought you here in the first place. xox

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