Jill, When are you and Paul Mercer next in So. Cal? My wife and I will see you any time, any place. Please tell Paul we think he's terrific !! Peter Wolf

JILL TRACY responded on 12/20/2011

Thanks Peter! Lovely to know that.

Paul and I have been in phone meetings lately, as he has been busy with film score work in Atlanta. So, not sure when we will have a live show together again.

But-- we have a full length album ready to be mixed, that was recorded last year during our musical seance sessions-- so you can look forward to that material.

In the meantime, hope you have discovered our recent (and fantastic) score to NERVOUS96!
Here is a link: http://jilltracy.bandcamp.com/

Also, please make sure you are on the mailing list here, as Paul and I seem to have much last-minute concert magic... xox

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