I hope this hasnt been previously asked- Can you tell us a little more about your inspiration for Room 19? Where in the midwest did this legend come from? Its rare I live somewhere of legend! ~Specter

JILL TRACY responded on 08/31/2011

I honestly don't know details--and I did not seek them out, as I wanted to interpret and respond to the story in a pure form. Didn't want the "real world facts" to clutter it up.

It was a piece of a folklore about a man who committed suicide on Christmas Eve 1947 in a hotel room in the Midwest. And as the decades went by, and the hotel renovated and remodeled---they left Room 19 alone, just as it was in 1947. Honoring his spirit that still lived inside. What a beautiful thought.
That's really all I needed to know...

That song has become one of the most requested songs at my live shows. Tears are often shed in the crowd when I perform Room 19, and it moves me just as much as you...
Thanks for asking. This is one of the most common email questions I get!

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