I absolutely ADORE you; your voice, your style. you are so utterly unique. Your music and your voice give me the most spine tinggling chills! Is there any chance you'll be coming to the UK soon?!♥♥

JILL TRACY responded on 08/07/2011

Thank you for a magical note, it made my day! And reaffirms the fact of "why I continue to do what I do" and follow my own singular vision in this dreary world that is trying its best to homogenize your soul, and turn you into everybody else.

If I can move and inspire people, and induce "spine-tingling chills,"--creating genuine work that resonates on a deep level-- then I've truly accomplished my goal.
This means everything to me.

I'd adore coming to the UK. I have such wonderful fans there. It's just a matter of where and when. Please make sure you're on the list here, and you'll be the first to know. xox

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