You're a true inspiration. Folks are finally wising up and doing what you've known all along--forgo the major label industry bullshit and blaze your own trail! Just want to thank you for your music.

JILL TRACY responded on 04/01/2011

You're quite welcome. After years of being told to "dumb myself down" and be "less sophisticated and poetic" blah blah, by the labels, I realized how pointless life is if you can't honor your own authenticity and vision. The music business stopped being about the music long ago, and I did not want to sacrifice myself to the suits.

Sadly now more than ever, I feel like I must be a beacon and inspire people to challenge the spoon-fed mentality, and follow their own singular muse.
The industry spends so much time trying to "turn everybody into everybody else" that the music has become completely bland, tasteless and tired. Insincere. Soul-less. Honestly, who likes this crap?

And so, you listeners venture outside..and find where all of us independent, tenacious souls have been lurking- and working. And inspiring.
Glad to be in this place.
Thanks for listening...

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