I heard your music from my father and we both enjoy it very much, especially Evil Night Together. I was wondering if you have piano sheet music for that song available for sale or will in the future?

JILL TRACY responded on 02/04/2011

I get constant requests for sheet music, and I certainly have thought about releasing a songbook in the future. Many of you know, I don't read or write music-- it's all intuited, I hear it in my head. (That accounts for my unique piano style, as I am completely self-taught.) The work is never written down, so it does not exist in that form.

I struggle with the idea of dissecting it all to paper, it seems to take the magic away from it for me. Akin to breaking down a fine delicacy into its basic recipe.

But I've been approached by the San Francisco Academy of Art where students want to work with me to create the notations, so we may go ahead with this project....
I'll keep you posted.

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