Love your music! It's so cool, nothing else like it. Where should I tell people to buy your music? Is it best to send them to i-Tunes, Amazon, or to your website?

JILL TRACY responded on 01/17/2011

Thank you. This is a great question, as many people don't realize that places like i-Tunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc, are simply unecessary middle men--they take a giant chunk of the artist's money for the "service" of offering their music in their stores.

While it's still vital to have our work represented in these "popular" places, the artist makes little if NO money from these transactions after everyone steals their cut.

Remember- The music business has NEVER been designed with the musician in mind.

So, it's always best to support the artist directly. via their own website or buy in-person at the gig.

Please spread the word concerning this important issue. Put the power into the hands of the artists who created the work in the first place.

My official store is here: http://jilltracy.bandcamp.com/
You'll find exclusives, freebies and out-of-print titles you will never find on the "big" stores.
Thanks for asking! xox

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