Would you ever consider coming to Atlanta, (or better yet, Columbus, Georgia) sometime? I know Georgia doesn't have the best reputation, but there is a huge following of dark cabaret here.

JILL TRACY responded on 01/16/2011

I adore Atlanta! My violinist Paul Mercer lives there, and we have done some really amazing shows in Atlanta, including our "Musical Seance" and a gorgeous benefit concert for historical Oakland cemetery in 2008. Atlanta's WRAS (and the brilliant Michael Overstreet) was one of the first college stations in the country to play my music in the 90s, and it charted continuously for MONTHS!

So, yes! We will definitely be back to Atlanta. Paul and I began recording our Seance album there months ago, and just finished our score to the film "Nervous96" there, which will be released later this year. My spare keyboard is still in Atlanta! :)

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