Do you believe in love, or it's only a grotesque illusion?

JILL TRACY responded on 01/16/2011

A bit of both. "Falling in love" is definitely an illusion, a blissful madness based on the unknown, the mystery, the allure, the hopes, dreams of all that it COULD become. It's not even about the particular person per se, but instead how they make YOU feel about YOURSELF in that moment! It's chemical. It's visceral. It's fragile and fleeting--it can't STAY that way. That's why new romantic love is the most rapturous, all-encompassing and dangerous pleasure of all. It is entirely based on an illusion of "what could be."

Over time and familiarity, love transforms to something responsible, and practical...a relationship. Romance turns to routine, and most people wonder what happened to the passion. Nothing happened to it, reality merely set in. Choices were made.

That's exactly what my song "Quintessentially Unreal" is about. The fact that no matter how we perceive or pursue perfection, the quintessence of everything we aspire to, the reality will never be as good as the fantasy.

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