Have you ever considered collaborating with the talents of Tom Waits? Or Amanda Palmer?

JILL TRACY responded on 01/15/2011

Both of them are certainly masters of their own distinctive craft. I've met them both. In fact, Amanda has been a long-time supporter of my work--she featured my music video "The Fine Art of Poisoning" as part of an entire Dresden Dolls tour a few years back. And the brilliant horn player Ralph Carney, who appears on many of the classic Waits records plays on my albums "The Bittersweet Constrain" and "BENEATH."

As a pianist however, I don't really think of collaborating with another piano-based artist. I enjoy collaborations where I must step out of my world, and invent new territories...I love that challenge of being out of my comfort zone. I think that's why I love my film score projects, my "musical seance" work with violinist Paul Mercer, and with thereminist Armen Ra, Chapman Stick player Alex Nahas, David J (Bauhaus), and sarod player Kenny Annis.

But, never say never. It's all about the idea, the inspiration, and where you are in the moment...

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