Since you don't get a lot of radio play, at least on the east coast, how do you spread the word? (I heard about you from Pandora. It seems you are 2 degrees of seperation from Bob Dylan.)

JILL TRACY responded on 12/24/2010

Aw, that's a sweet thought that Bob is so close. We both have such an affinity for intimate storytelling. Glad you found me!
Commercial radio has really become a dinosaur concept as far as music is concerned. Radio is about selling advertising, not playing music--that's why you hear the same horrible songs over and over. And the poor DJs are mere puppets to the suits.
Discovering great new music dwells in the fringe and underground--and artists really depend on people like YOU to spread the word. My audience has become my record label and PR firm! And how lovely is the sincerity in that concept. We're all in it together! It's not some "talking head" being paid to tell you to like something...it's the fans themselves who are passionately spreading the word! Please share, blog, write reviews, anything you can think of! The artist will reward you by being able to make new music, tour, and perform in your town. So everyone wins. Thanks for a great question!

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