Your album "The Bittersweet Constrain" is magnificent! I can't stop listening to it. What is the meaning behind the title?

JILL TRACY responded on 11/25/2010

So glad to hear that!

The theme of “The Bittersweet Constrain” is how we, of our own free will, put ourselves into cages-- so quickly and thoughtlessly imprison ourselves. Then, once getting in the cage, it's all about longing to get OUT-- the bittersweet constrain. We're trapped and held by our own desires-–but yearning to have freedom-—but remain in that familiar cage of complacency. Complacency is the ultimate trap. How quickly we harbor in the familiar, the routine.

Photographer Michael Garlington and I got some extraordinary shots utilizing birdcages and animals.
On the cover of the lyrics booklet, you’ll see part of a cow’s eye (my own face reflected in it by genius artist Bill Domonkos). That acknowledges the tale of upon opening the gates of cattle awaiting slaughter, allowing them to escape, run free---the cattle will essentially just stand there, motionless, will not leave the pens--they know no other way to exist. Humans in essence do the same thing.

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