I've recently started a workshop on songwriting, But often I don't have the confidence to show my work. How do you make yourself more confident on those days that you don't feel your best?

JILL TRACY responded on 11/20/2010

Ahhh, that's where your sly acting skills come in handy! haha

Yes, it's terrifying at times. Even after all these years, I am always nervous when I play a new song to my band for the first time. Let alone debut a new song to an audience, or play a brand new city, step onstage in a loud club when everyone is talking-- and you wonder if they will pay attention to you...hoping they will applaud when the song is over. Hoping you will play well...

The trick comes from slowing down, living inside the moment, channeling that invisible bravery within yourself. It's there, sometimes we don't realize it, but it's there. You just have to jump off the cliff to find it. Build your wings on the way down...

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