If I was a musician who aspired to make music with a similar, dark cabaret style like yours (which I am), what would you recommend I do to get on the right track?

JILL TRACY responded on 11/20/2010

It's a white-knuckle ride, and no one knows where the destination lies. There is no "right track." It's up to you to pave your own trail! The track is entirely yours to create...

Don't aspire to be anyone or anything other than yourself.

Create the music YOU want to make. Don't concern yourself with trends, fads, or the industry buzz. (All these ludicrous "genre" names are created for the consumer, not the artist!)

And never let pressure from the industry or those around you make you second-guess yourself!
You have everything you need.

Write, make music, immerse yourself. Live for what inspires. Honor your imagination and don't look back.

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