Your live shows are absolutely compelling! What is the significance of the playing cards we always see onstage?

JILL TRACY responded on 09/15/2010

I find divination in found objects. For the last twenty or so years, I’ve collected stray playing cards I find on the streets—I call it “sidewalk divination” or “cosmic poker.” Boxes and boxes, hundreds of them are displayed in my apartment; they're some of my most precious belongings. Specific ones are with me at all times, just like my talismans and charms.
So always on my keyboard, there are cards. Fans from all over the world now send me cards and the shared energy is incredible. A letter read “I found this three of clubs in Minneapolis outside a restaurant and knew you had to have it.”
A San Francisco man just presented me with a tattered envelope of stray cards he had collected for years. He hugged me, tears in his eyes.

I cherish that intimacy with my fans. There is nothing more poignant and beautiful. All these tokens and treasures aligning is something quite powerful.

And the Nine of Hearts you will see quite often. It's my ultimate wish card.

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