Have you got plans for a new album?

JILL TRACY responded on 09/14/2010

There is a lot of new music in the works, and quite a variety of it!

First off, violinist Paul Mercer and I are putting finishing touches on our album of selected music from our acclaimed Musical Seance project. Many of the beautifully intense pieces we channeled onstage have been captured. We are sorting through them and crafting an album.
There has been such rabid interest in the Musical Seance, we will most likely release a limited edition art pressing with booklet, and Seance collectibles!

I have just finished a collaboration with the legendary David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets.) Two songs will be released later this year: "Blood Sucker Blues," (where I am featured on piano) and "Tidal Wave of Blood," (where I sing a duet with David.) Composed/Produced by LA artist Shok.

I am writing many new songs and solo piano works...a few may surface here in the coming months. Make sure you are on the email list, as we will be giving away some exclusive goodies to preview!

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