Just was at the Edwardian Ball this weekend for both nights and afternoon tea and sorely miss your appearance, not quite the same without you as this years MC was a bit of a drag, in not mysterious, just rather whiney and self degrading.

JILL TRACY responded on 01/25/2017

Aw, appreciate your note! I am flattered that 3 years after I quit the Edwardian Ball, I still get many emails like yours every January missing my performances. It was a tough decision after being "Belle of the Ball" for 14 years to design my exit. But the event has changed SO much. And although I am happy for its huge success and suffocating record-breaking crowds, it just does not lend itself anymore to my music and aesthetic. The fragile, haunting nuance of my work is lost among the din of revelers and folks only there to play dress-up. It's turned into more of a costumed spectacle than coming to see particular performers. So it was just not serving my band or my audience anymore.
I do miss composing a new mysterious waltz each year to introduce to the dancing crowd. Such meaningful memories and beautiful times! But, times change... glad you were part of the magic. xox

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