Hello, Jill. I'm a big fan of yours from Nashville, TN. I've seen you photographed a few times holding what looks like a 9 of hearts from a Lenormand deck. Why this card --or what does it represent to you? ~Thanks much, Chris Lindsey.

JILL TRACY responded on 01/25/2017

Very astute Chris! I find divination in found objects. For the last twenty or so years, I've collected stray playing cards I find on the streets—I call it "sidewalk divination" or "cosmic poker." Boxes and boxes, hundreds of them are displayed in my apartment; they're some of my most precious belongings. Specific ones are with me at all times, just like my talismans and charms.

So always on my stage keyboard, found cards are hiding.
Fans from all over the world now send me cards and the shared energy is incredible. The 9 of Hearts has special significance to me, as a wish card. It's my most personal card. That particular Lenormand card was sent in a bundle from a fan.

I hope I can pass that energy on to you— the purposeful hidden magic in stray things. xox

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