Hi Jill,

Have been listening to all of your CDs since I discovered the wonderfully gloomy "Diabolical Streak" a number of years ago. Actually, just indoctrinated another fan this week, and I keep spreading the word.

QUESTION: I remember seeing the notice about composing music for the Mutter Museum a number of years ago, and keep looking for a CD of it. Did I miss it? Is it coming out soon? Sorry if everyone but me knows the answer to this, but I'm very excited at the prospect. About to travel to Amsterdam where they have a similar museum.


JILL TRACY responded on 07/11/2016

Thank you for asking about the Mutter Museum project! You have not missed anything, in fact it's becoming more elaborate. I got a grant in 2012 to begin research and compose music in the museum, and became so swept up in it, that it has morphed into a full BOOK plus music project, my memoirs, plus the dark historical tales behind the specimens! I have returned since then for 2 more research trips and photo shoots...you'll hear more details as the whole work begins to come together... getting ready to return my attention back to it soon...

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