Hi Jill Tjis is Xavier from Malign / house of usher / Rodericks etcetera. Just wanted to say hello. Its been a long time. I am still dj-ing and starting yet another attempt at writing again. hope all is well. I really like the email idea. I have become very frustrated with social media as a form of promotion and communication. talk to you later!

JILL TRACY responded on 07/01/2016

Hi Xavier! So wonderful to reconnect! Malign's music has stood the test of time, so iconic and unforgettable!

I agree, social media has turned its back on us, the artists, the communities, the very thing it pretended to care about in its infancy, until it had us all brainwashed. It was just a marketing scheme all along. I am thankful I have continued to hone my email list all these years, and feel like there is a such a need for that "secret wonder" of having things special, exclusive, and off the grid. I have always cherished my privacy.
Fuck corporate social media, we can all simply connect with each other (and think for ourselves) as individuals. Would love to do something together again after all these years... xox
Best to reach me at: suspect at jilltracy dot com

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