are you working on any new music ?

JILL TRACY responded on 11/19/2014

Yes! Thanks for asking.
I am at work on several new projects (music and video)...so please make sure to subscribe to my mailing list here so you'll get the announcement first!
There are 4 brand new singles just released as part of The Immortal Collection limited edition antique coffin USBs. Along with the release of Nosferatu with our original score (for the first time!) and my entire discography. You can only find this on my online store:
https://jilltracy.bandcamp.com/merch/new-the-immortal-collection-limited-edition-antique-coffin-usb-entire-disography-plus-unreleased-tracks-and-full-nosferatu-film-with-jill-tracy-score" title="https://jilltracy.bandcamp.com/merch/new-the-immortal-collection-limited-edition-antique-coffin-usb-entire-disography-plus-unreleased-tracks-and-full-nosferatu-film-with-jill-tracy-score">https://jilltracy.bandcamp.com/merch/new...

In general, you'll find everything on my web store, and not necessarily on i-Tunes, Amazon, etc. So always best to shop here: https://jilltracy.bandcamp.com/

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