Dearest Jill Tracy, My question is do you have any tattoos? And how do you feel about them? I don't have any tattoos and I just wanted you to know I want my very first tattoo to be the words "The Bittersweet Constrain" on my forearm because I LOVE how you describe the theme of this particular album is "how we, of our own free will, put ourselves into cages, and then longing to get out of them, and we are then trapped by our own desires. We yearn for our freedom, but remain in that familiar cage of complacency." I want to always remind myself to fight against putting myself into the cage of complacency in my daily life and also because I adore you and your beautiful music. Also where do you find so many BEAUTIFUL hats! Thank you so so much for always inspiring me every day. Your music is the soundtrack of my life, Thank you for creating this elegant netherworld for myself and all of the other malcontents out there!! All my Love, Andrew xoxo

JILL TRACY responded on 06/08/2014

I would be honored to see such a tattoo—you must send me a photo and I will post it.
I've seen several tattoos from fans who have had my lyrics permanently inked into their flesh, and it's makes me ecstatic to know I inspire you with my words to that extent. It shall serve as your constant reminder to live outside the cage, or a reminder that you are always the architect. "The Bittersweet Constrain"

I have one tattoo on my left front hip I got when I was a teen. I sometimes think I'd like more, but the images have not revealed themselves to me.

And the hats...yes, they come from ALL different places. Some antique, some custom made, all have their unique tales to tell. I don't feel fully dressed without something on my head. xox

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