Howdy, I LOVE indie music/musicians - they keep it real no matter the style they play. I'm always We are always willing to help out a couple of our local bands here. Check them out as "Girl in a Coma" on YouTube they spilt for awhile. Nina Diaz solo -I have to give her a copy of your CD this music is right up her alley. and the other band members, punk band FEA ("ugly" in spanish). Recently Toni Child "gave birth" to her project- took two years to get it done fully funded by fans. She taught me patience, faith and that the creative process is long and painful. It cannot be rushed...It is beautiful music. So, yes, I will buy Jill Tracy music CDs when I can and past them on. Your music is too beautiful not to be known . Finally comment, If you are on a budget would you buy acoustic or electric piano. I love acoustic but they require financial TLC. Thanks for your existence...Peace Black Feather.

JILL TRACY responded on 05/06/2014

Thank you for your great support for indie artists...more people should be like you and discover the place where sincere music dwells. Corporations should not tell us what we should be listening to, and spoon feed us their tasteless dribble. As you know, there is much incredible art out there. I recommend to everyone to always buy directly from an artist's website, never through Amazon, i-Tunes, etc. The money will better go to actually fund the artist and not in the pocket of yet another needless company. Often the artist's website will have exclusives, autographed goods and merchandise you won't find anywhere else. My website is here: http://jilltracy.com/

Piano choice should be based on your needs, as yes— acoustic pianos require maintenance and $$$ and you can't tour with them...but having a real piano in the house is indeed a wondrous thing! Good luck! xox

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