Dear Jill I'm going through a break up and I just want to personally thank you for creating such beautiful music for me to escape into my own elegant netherworld I adore you and your music it takes me to another place of mysterious wonder. My question to you is (if you don't mind sharing) how do you yourself overcome the overwhelming emotions of a break up and how to eventual move forward? It would just be very up lifting to see your advice and wise words in this less than happy moment in my life. I love you jill tracy thank you for creating such lush dark haunting BEAUTIFUL music. All my love, Andrew xoxo

JILL TRACY responded on 05/06/2014

Andrew, I'm glad I can be there for you...I write my music for the same reason. It is my catharsis, an escape to another place. And If I can enable YOU to be transported there as well, that's the biggest compliment I could ever receive. I strive to be this gatekeeper of emotions.
Pain and sadness are great reminders that we are alive. The very thing that makes us a human soul.
So relax, allow yourself the TIME to be melancholy— you must "honor" it in a strange way...as the very feeling of sadness or disappointment means you experienced something that really MATTERED to you. You experienced something that was WORTH getting sad about! Some people never achieve that, they are too busy going through life being numb, cynical and indifferent. (That's much sadder to me.)
I love the old French term la douleur exquise "the exquisite pain." Finding the beauty within the pain of wanting something that you know you can never have. That's where the great songs come from. xox

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