Hello Jill!! :) I JUST discovered your hauntingly beautiful music and I am a fellow pianist (lessons for 12years) haha and I'm a singer and I LOVE your style of music it's exactly the kind of music I want to create myself. I was wondering how did you first start composing your OWN music what is that process like for you? I've never tried writing my own music before. Thank you SO MUCH for constantly inspiring me with your BEAUTIFUL music and your beautiful soul. All my love, Andrew xoxoxoxo

JILL TRACY responded on 05/05/2014

Welcome to the netherworld, so glad you are here...
I abide by the fact that the finished music already dwells inside me. My job is to find the portal— the conduit to allow it to manifest in this world. It’s a process of living to honor the magic, being alive in that place, allowing the flame. Finding those trapdoors, prying up the floorboards…

There's a fantastic in-depth article from 2008 when I talk at length about my creative process and background with Culture Flux Magazine. One of my favorite interviews. I think it will resonate with you! Here's a link. http://culturefluxmagazine.com/index.php...

You'll find more interviews if you scroll down on my PRESS page. http://jilltracy.com/jt/press/
Honored to inspire you. Keep creating! xox

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