Hello Jill Tracy, I'm not sure if anyone asked this question already but how old were you when you played piano? Did you teach yourself or did you have a teacher? I'm learning how to play piano but I'm 21 I was wondering if it's to late for me to start? It gets me depressed because I really want to learn to play piano became I feel music will express the feelings I cannot explain and I'm sure it'll help me allot with my sadness when I continue learning.

JILL TRACY responded on 11/30/2013


The above link is an amazing 2008 interview where I discuss all these things. I am self taught, forced piano lessons as a child almost ruined me.
It's never too late to do ANYTHING. In fact, only YOU will know when the time is right! And obviously sounds like it's right NOW. How perfect that you are so inspired.
I too am driven by chronic sadness and depression. My music is (and began) as a catharsis, a portal into a world I could only inhabit inside my head. It's the only thing that has saved me.
And to this day, it remains more real to me than anything else.
You will find that place too. Just keep building and believing. xox

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